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"Why do something that might be irreversible and not agree with the child later on in life? By the time the child turned 8 years old, she was showing signs of developing a male gender and identifying as a boy. Although medical professionals are important, support and guidance from parents who are going through the same situation are invaluable.

In the United States, however, intersex is a condition that is still mostly misunderstood."This condition is much more common than you might think," says Arlene Baratz, M.D., the Parents Group moderator for Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome- Disorders of Sex Development (AIS-DSD) and the mother of two intersex children.All content on this Web site, including medical opinion and any other health-related information, is for informational purposes only and should not be considered to be a specific diagnosis or treatment plan for any individual situation.Use of this site and the information contained herein does not create a doctor-patient relationship.

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