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Ali Osman was one of the original twenty-three characters invented by the creators of East Enders, Tony Holland and Julia Smith.Ali, a Turkish Cypriot, was originally intended to be named Chris.Lastly, Roly the dog is seen in the pub when a fight breaks out.Lofty Holloway is introduced on 26 February along with Terry Rich, and Tony Carpenter is introduced on 28 February.Mary Smith and her daughter Annie are introduced on 5 March. Andy O'Brien is introduced on 21 March along with Debbie Wilkins.

The first episode of East Enders was broadcast on 19 February 1985, and twenty-three main characters were already created for their first appearance.

He is a member of the original East Enders cast, appearing in the first episode on 19 February 1985.

He remains with the show for nearly five years afterwards, making his final appearance on 10 October 1989.

His name was changed to Ali when it dawned on Holland that he had given a Christian name to a Muslim.

Ali was a well-intentioned attempt to represent the proportion of Turkish Cypriots who had immigrated to England and settled in the East End of London.

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