Consolidating mortgage arrears

PLEASE try not to stress yourself out over this much debt (we see that ALL the time) because the old saying still rings true;, but when you are deep in debt, it’s really stressful.I know because I’ve been there and it was unbelievably stressful at the time.Never give a lender money upfront for a loan approval – if you run into that, you must report that lender to the authorities – strictly against the law in all States of the Union.I have been using credit cards to pay for food and car fuel for the last 2-3 years because of the monthly short-fall of cash.Please keep in mind the actual laws at the Federal Level, and your State Level, on Usury Limits.

This is an application form with Online Mortgage Advisor in order to get the ball rolling to find the most suitable mortgage advisor for your situation. Whilst at Online Mortgage Advisor we do not make applications on your behalf or give specific advice, we will refer you to the best advisor for your situation who will.If you are Ltd company director, we will pass you to a self-employed specialist; If you’ve been bankrupt in the past, we will pass you to a bankruptcy mortgage specialist; If you are a doctor, we will pass you to a professional mortgage specialist; and so on...Are your circumstances a little more complex than usual?It’s tough to find lenders who will honor and approve a loan for K-K if the borrower/applicant doesn’t have solid collateral.Traditional lenders always want some form of solid collateral, and very few lenders PERIOD will approve loans solely based on the an applicants job.

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The mortgage brokers we work with pride themselves on their in-depth knowledge of the market so, if anybody can find a mortgage for you, it’s them.

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