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For example, for cable tv service with comcast (who we ended up going with), most of the resellers were charging .95 for the package we ended up getting for much less.

So you may be getting rebates and bonuses, but you're paying for it through higher monthly subscription prices.

She also enjoys the social aspect of watching TV by being able to talk with friends about certain shows the day after they air. I understand her reasoning for wanting to get service, so I gave in.

The pricing seemed comparable – as did the channel lineup.

That's a little better than on the website, but I wasn't satisfied. This agent wouldn't go any further than the other one, they would give me 1/2 off on HD DVR service, but no free premium channels or further discounts.

Even after telling the agents that I knew other people had gotten a better deal, they wouldn't budge. Through the online chat: I clicked on the chat icon through Comcast's support section, and was quickly transferred to the “sales chat”.

After checking all the reseller sites trying to find a deal I moved on to one of my favorite resources, the forums at

Through those forums I was able to do a search for all of the latest deals that people had been able to find through Comcast, Dish Network and Direct TV .

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or the longest time I vowed that I would never pay for cable or satellite TV.

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