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You can use this trick to force Visual Fox Pro to clean up memory by issuing a WAIT WINDOW "" NOWAIT.It wasn't until Visual Fox Pro 7.0 that SYS(1104) made it into the documentation even though the function is available since Fox Pro 2.6, at least. It's not the same thing as the idle loop, though, as in the idle loop Visual Fox Pro does more than executing the garbage collection like additionally processing Windows messages.Other information come from sample code that Microsoft ships.

The position inside this list is the Name Table Index – or NTI for short.Many strange behaviors of Visual Fox Pro only become explainable if you think how you would have done something in Fox Base, only to realize that Visual Fox Pro doesn't do it any different.One warning in advance: The following articles tries to describe how Visual Fox Pro works internally.This loop is entered whenever Visual Fox Pro is in a waiting condition caused by READ, READ EVENTS, INKEY(), or WAIT WINDOW.This is still true if you use the command with the options not to wait at all.

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