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Hartnell was known mostly for playing army sergeants and other tough characters in a variety of films, but Lambert had been impressed with his sensitive performance as a rugby league talent scout in the film version of This Sporting Life, which inspired her to offer him the role.

Hartnell's Doctor would initially be accompanied by his granddaughter Susan Foreman (played by Carole Ann Ford), originally to have been merely a travelling companion, but with a family tie added by Coburn, who was uncomfortable with the possible undertones the relationship could carry were they to be unrelated.

However, he would always quickly find new travelling companions.

Such characters were used by the production team to relate the point of view of the viewers at home, asking questions and furthering the stories by getting into trouble.

A follow-up report into specific ideas for the format of such a programme was commissioned, and delivered in July.

Prepared by Frick with another Script Department staff member, John Braybon, this report recommended a series dealing with time travel as being an idea particularly worthy of development.

They were joined in the first episode by two of Foreman's schoolteachers, Barbara Wright (Jacqueline Hill) and Ian Chesterton (William Russell), from contemporary 20th century England.

A one-off television movie, co-produced with Universal Pictures and 20th Century Fox Television, was screened on the Fox Network in the United States in 1996.

He was cantankerous, bossy and occasionally showed a streak of ruthlessness.

However, the character mellowed as he grew closer to his companions, and he soon became a popular icon, especially among children who watched the series.

Grainer was amazed at the results and asked "Did I write that? The title sequence was designed by graphics designer Bernard Lodge and realised by electronic effects specialist Norman Taylor.

After actors Hugh David (later a director on the series) and Geoffrey Bayldon had both turned down approaches to star in the series, Verity Lambert and the first serial's director Waris Hussein managed to persuade 55-year-old character actor William Hartnell to take the part of the Doctor.

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Newman decided that a science fiction programme would be perfect to fill the gap, and enthusiastically took up the existing Script Department research, initiating several brainstorming sessions with Wilson, Braybon, Frick and another BBC staff writer, C. Later in the year production was initiated and handed over to producer Verity Lambert and story editor David Whitaker to oversee, after a brief period when the show had been handled by a "caretaker" producer, Rex Tucker.

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