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When I drafted the sample I contributed to Docracy, I sought to achieve a seller-friendly MELP version of a simple business-to-business contract for the sale of goods to be used when there’s no special reason to think that the agreement will be litigated.

This agreement will become effective when both parties have signed it. This agreement may be signed in one or more counterparts, which together will form a single agreement. Each party is signing this agreement on the date stated opposite that party’s signature.

In one such recent instance, the counter-party questioned whether it was possible to do this, and proffered instead a recital that the old agreement had continued with a new expiration date.

There are many unscrupulous car dealers all too willing to take advantage of consumers.

The best thing you can do to protect yourself from their tactics is to educate yourself.

Clients frequently engage Dawn to develop teams of experts in disciplines such as toxicology, pathology, immunology, orthopedic surgery, internal medicine, epidemiology and others, and prepare team members for deposition and trial testimony in these areas.

A sought after speaker, Dawn regularly publishes and speaks on panels related to product liability and white collar defense issues, as well as on e-discovery related issues.

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