Ali liebert dating michael seater

Lorna looks to terminate her pregnancy and turns to Vera for help.

After months of searching, Betty finally finds Kate, but is met with resistance from Kate's father, who is later accidentally killed in a struggle.

Lorna sends Kate to work in the storeroom as punishment, after suspecting Kate is the thief; while there, she befriends an African-Canadian man named Leon Riley.

While tracking down another Blue Shift worker, Hazel, who Gladys believes is the thief, she discovers that Hazel has been sleeping with James, her fiancé.

Meanwhile, Marco and Lorna consummate their affair, while Gladys, depressed about her fiancé's affair, looks for ways to act out.

And at the hospital, Archie contracts sepsis and asks Vera to help him commit suicide, to end his suffering.

His questions rattle Kate, and she considers leaving again to keep Betty safe.

Betty's focus on Kate frustrates Ivan's attempts to move forward with his relationship with Betty.

When Lorna suffers a miscarriage, Bob and Marco have a confrontation at the hospital.

When Gladys finds out about Marco's father being held in an internment camp in Petawawa, she asks her father for his help in getting Marco's father a hearing. Moretti on a trip to the internment camp, but the trip leads to disaster, with Gladys, Marco, and Mrs. Kate has taken up drinking to cope with her depression and Leon suggests that Betty take Kate to his church for cheering up; Betty finds enlightenment in Leon's sermon and subsequently breaks up with Ivan.

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Meanwhile, Kate and Betty deal with Kate's father, who has tracked her down, and Betty confesses her true feelings to Kate, with disastrous results.

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