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They tell their stories about leaving Venezuela and life in the U. Jenny Rojas is the main administrator of the nine chat groups. These are just some of the anguished questions that regularly appear in Whats App groups. There are also greetings for birthdays and Father's Day, photos of Venezuelan food and jokes, and even stories about the group members’ own personal tragedies. I would be grateful for any help finding a job or a place to stay. The first quarter of 2016 saw a spike in Venezuelan applications for asylum in the United States, a number on the rise since 2014. Lee esta nota en español At least nine Whats App groups keep newly arrived Venezuelan immigrants in Miami informed through text message, photos, audio and promotions. Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS) statistics showed Venezuela in first place with 1,142 applications – 13 more than China, which historically led the list.

Now she's finding jobs for others and living in a house in Doral where she rents out rooms. I made about 0 in May and June, but I’m too tired. I landed in Miami on February 25, 2016, with 0 in my pocket.

But now I have my own agency, and I help find jobs for other people. Some pay better than others, like .50 an hour, or per day. They didn't ask for a security deposit or the first month’s rent, but I rented it for ,600 per month. On the second day, the car broke down and he didn't want to hear about it.

He insulted my husband and threatened to call immigration.

Six people with Venezuelan accents are asking athlete Roberto Pérez many questions. We only want a work permit, papers, and to be able to do what we know how to do – work,” said a young photographer. Rita González landed in Miami four months ago with just 0 in cash.

She paid the money to an “agency” to find her a job. and you have to clean everything: the kitchen, the bathrooms, the tables, everything, until a.m. Do you know what it's like to spend every morning cleaning with just two other people?

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On Saturday, June 11, one food distribution event took place at the Comunidad de Cristo Church in southwest Miami.

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