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However, the most important thing while reading these Egyptian hieroglyphics is to realize that these symbols don’t map to certain characters in our language but have Now, we do not need to decode the entire inscription since ‘marking’ is most probably the password if the inscription is saying something along the lines of: ‘the password for this challenge is marking’.

Note: The ‘hand’ or ‘arm’ symbol corresponds to a ‘d’ according to the chart that we are using but the word ‘mdrking’ does not make sense. Password: marking Internet Challenge 8, Level 710: “Turbo Snake” This challenge presents us with a flash game called ‘Turbo Snake’ [Figure 16].

Internet challenges belong to a variety of subjects and you would need to search the Internet to gain the knowledge required to solve some of them. Please be advised that the following content provides solutions to the intriguing Internet Internet Challenge 1, Level 703: “Flash Login” One of the golden rules of security is to never perform any authentication check completely at the client-side.

This is because anything at client-side is susceptible to manipulation by the client or user.

This challenge is built on concept of client-side score-generation vulnerability that many older flash games suffered from.

Password: saeed Internet Challenge 2, Level 705: “Hmmm, I don’t see it…” This next challenge presents us with an image containing a sequence of strange characters [Figure 7]. The language used in the image is Braille—used by the visually impaired. Hence, the password is the first name of Louis Braille—inventor of the Braille language.

This can be done easily using a barcode reader or scanner.

You can use Password: 4710212125960 Internet Challenge 7, Level 707: “Walk like an Egyptian” This next challenge presents us with an ancient Egyptian inscription that we require to translate to Dutch in order to obtain the password.

Looking at periodic table, we see Titanium (Ti) with atomic number ’22’, Thorium (Th) with atomic number ’90’, and Neon (Ne) with atomic number ’10’.

We can get the word ‘The’ out of this, if the symbol ‘ ’ refers to the 1. The decrypted plaintext is: “the correct password for this challenge is periodiek”. Password: periodiek Internet Challenge 6, Level 706: “Made in Taiwan” This challenge presents us with a barcode image and asks us to decode it.

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